Lee Heng Keng

Lee Heng Keng, a Senior Consultant of Geosyntec and senior environmental engineer based in Kuala Lumpur, has 34 years of combined experience as a regulator, consultant, and environmental practitioner.

He served in several leadership roles within the Malaysia Department of Environment (MDE): he directed various MDE divisions responsible for regulating assessment and control of hazardous substances, was the State Director for Sabah and Perak, and ultimately was the MDE’s Deputy Director General for Operations.

Ir. Lee has an exceptional understanding of environmental policies and their practical application. He had a key role in developing environmental laws and guidelines in Malaysia, including the 2011 Contaminated Land Management and Control Guidelines that addressed recommended site screening levels, assessment and reporting of contaminated sites, and site remediation. He also played a leading role in the development of environmental regulatory strategies throughout Southeast Asia through participation on several joint committees and high-profile technical work groups in the region, and coordinated activities under international multi-lateral environmental agreements.

Contact Lee Heng Keng by telephone at +6019 212 3930 or HKLee@Geosyntec.com.