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Markets in Southeast Asia

Landfills and Waste Management

If you are the owner or operator of a landfill or other waste containment facility for construction debris, municipal waste, industrial waste, or hazardous waste, you already know the challenges of protecting groundwater, ensuring that wastes are safely separated from potential receptors, and making sure that your operations are good neighbors within their host communities.

For more than 30 years, Geosyntec has been designing and permitting landfills and other waste containment facilities that incorporate the latest technologies to protect groundwater from leachate, optimize disposal airspace within existing facility footprints, capture and process methane for beneficial “green” energy production, and effectively encapsulate hazardous materials for hundreds of years or longer. Our engineers and geologists are specialists in designing foundation and cover systems that are protective of the landfill structure while allowing site redevelopment.


If you are a land developer or part of a government agency charged with providing infrastructure services, you already know the challenges of meeting expectations with a limited budget. Geosyntec has experience delivering a wide variety of cost effective solutions that address infrastructure risk management and security, stormwater management, flood protection, water supply and protection, wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, and resource recovery. We work with private developers of residential and industrial properties as well as small municipalities that are expanding into new, undeveloped territories and long-established megacities with aging or undersized systems such as the City of New York.

Industrial Services

If you own or manage an industrial facility (manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, or shipping), you already know that external forces such as competition, evolving technology, and government regulations are influencing your decisions on siting new facilities, facility risk management, supply chain security, energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, regulatory compliance, and investment. Geosyntec works with companies in Asia to leverage emerging and proven technologies to optimize industrial operations from the site development process, through lifecycle operations, to facility decommissioning and site redevelopment. Our specialists in infrastructure, industrial, and environmental disciplines stand ready to assist you in creating a successful industrial enterprise for your investors, your company, your workforce, and your community.

Site Development

If you are a business that is looking at property to lease or purchase for your growing Asia operation, you already know the risks associated with the environmental history of real estate – past uses that create current conditions that can turn into future liabilities for you. Geosyntec works with clients that have global real estate interests to identify environmental impairments, evaluate technologies to mitigate human health and environmental risks associated with the contamination, and develop defensible cost estimates for mitigation alternatives that can be used to finalize purchase costs. What is more, Geosyntec is ready to deliver remedies quickly and efficiently to keep your development projects on track. Our due diligence processes conform to international standards recognized by development banks, financial agencies, and private sector lenders. Through our partner affiliations, we can support site development in more than 60 countries worldwide, with the confidence that work products will be at the same high standard.

Contaminated Lands Management

If you are the owner or steward of real property where past activities have impaired soil, surface water, or groundwater, you already know some of the challenges ahead in limiting off-site impacts and/or preparing the property for redevelopment. One of Geosyntec’s core strengths is assisting clients develop a strategy to assess the extent and nature of contamination, identify potential end uses for the property and potential contamination pathways, and develop risk-based solutions. Geosyntec is known for its ability to develop remedies that incorporate innovative applications of proven technologies and emerging in situ technologies that are protective of human health and the environment while highly cost efficient, particularly when dealing with contaminants that are resistant to traditional remediation methods.