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Services in Southeast Asia

Clients choose Geosyntec based on our record of providing advice, recommendations, and solutions of exceptional value. From highly scientific studies to the management of large heavy civil construction projects, our professional staff combines extensive training and experience with the latest tools and technologies, and dedication to client service to achieve results that are practical, efficient, and sustainable.

Environmental site assessment (ESA)

When diversified multi-national companies or local start-up firms acquire and divest properties, evaluating the environmental history and condition has become an international “best practice” to establish a transaction value and identify potential future environmental liabilities. Geosyntec professionals have performed environmental due diligence assessments for facilities and properties in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. As a member of the CAT Alliance, Geosyntec provides consistent, rapid response due diligence services world-wide. Our Phase I ESAs are a first step in identifying environmental impairments to properties, enabling clients to manage future risks and make informed “go-no go” business decisions about property transactions. With Geosyntec’s methodical approach to ESAs, our clients receive a full picture of potential environmental liabilities associated with an acquisition or divestiture.

We follow ASTM International protocols for Phase I and Phase II ESAs supplemented by Geosyntec’s own internal guidance related to environmental regulatory compliance that assures the quality and thoroughness of our work. We employ proven methods known to streamline the investigation process, be cost effective, and deliver results timed to match the transaction schedule. Our results and conclusions are communicated in detailed reports that are concise, clearly written, and readily usable by clients and their legal and financial advisors. If the ESAs identify contamination, we offer significant expertise in quickly evaluating remediation solutions and preparing reliable implementation cost estimates that can be factored into transaction value calculations.

Contaminated site assessment

By developing a comprehensive understanding of site conditions (conceptual site model) early in the remediation process, owners and other stakeholders have the greatest opportunity to influence final site remediation costs. Geosyntec investigates sites potentially impacted by a broad range of environmental contaminants in multiple media. These include soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, sludge, waste materials, terrestrial and aquatic receptors, and subsurface vapor from groundwater migrating to indoor air. Our practitioners plan and implement site exploration and laboratory programs using adaptive management and other techniques that minimize expensive exploration and analytical costs while providing the data necessary to develop refined conceptual site models. For example, we apply cost-effective field sampling methods to provide near real-time data and 3-D mapping of soil and groundwater contaminant plumes. These results in turn allow us to focus additional sampling collection efforts.

Geosyntec has pioneered new techniques for sampling, analysis, and data evaluation and visualization. We know the strengths and limitations of various characterization tools, and combine traditional sampling procedures with appropriate application of innovative methods. Through years of conducting fieldwork, our professionals have refined strategies to streamline the process and reduce investigation costs. Our site investigations are focused not on studying sites but on providing reliable data for specific project objectives.

Geotechnical infrastructure and foundation engineering

Property owners/developers face increased demands to develop sites with challenging subsurface conditions that may significantly impact overall project costs and development viability. These subsurface conditions can include soft and/or compressible soils, steep slopes, seismic activity, and offshore settings. We investigate and characterize sites, establish design parameters, and assess bearing, settlement, slope stability, seepage, seismic response, and other elements of soil and foundation behavior that may impact project design and performance.

We are specialists in the design of deep and shallow foundations, construction over soft ground, earth retaining systems, and ground improvement. Geosyntec is a recognized leader in design of earthen structures, such as dams, levees, embankments, and containment structures. On many of these projects we deploy sophisticated geotechnical instrumentation to monitor system performance. We understand construction issues and specialize in the design of large earthworks, excavation and bracing, hydraulic cutoff walls, and other geotechnical components of construction. Geotechnical engineering practitioners worldwide rely on the design guidance prepared by Geosyntec for the U.S. Government and on the results from our research collaborations with leading universities.

Hydrogeology studies

For “greenfield” industrial site owners, establishing a baseline for groundwater flow and quality is essential in evaluating the effects of future developments. Geosyntec professionals are experts at characterizing sites, particularly those with complex groundwater flow regimes. By applying methods and standards typically used in North America and Europe, our hydrogeologists can assure that future analysts have data that meet generally accepted data quality objectives and are accessible in easily retrievable digital formats.

We employ traditional and advanced investigation methods for well installation and sampling, aquifer evaluation and testing, and data analysis and visualization. We tailor fieldwork to project objectives and apply the latest accepted screening and sampling techniques to provide near-real-time data. These strategies allow for rapid and clear communication of site understanding to clients, planners, financiers, and community representatives. Availability of near-real time data and our application of visualization tools enable technical professionals and other stakeholders to make informed project scoping decisions and reduce investigation cost and schedule.

Geosyntec hydrogeologists are skilled in the latest numerical modeling approaches. We develop realistic conceptual site models to predict contaminant fate and transport, source removal, and other physical, chemical, and biological effects for feasibility studies and remediation design. We also apply robust groundwater computer simulations to support facility and infrastructure siting studies and development, due diligence assessments, water quality evaluation, water supply studies and development, regulatory compliance and permitting, and risk evaluation projects. Our practitioners have authored standards of practice used by regulators in the U.S. and Europe, and we train regulators and other users in the application of advanced and emerging site characterization and modeling methods.

Blast and fire engineering

Many of the materials and processes that are part of large-scale manufacturing have inherent risks associated with blast and fire. Geosyntec, through MMI Engineering, its subsidiary specializing in the advanced analysis and mitigation of risks from environmental, natural, and industrial hazards, offers structural design expertise and risk mitigation for systems and structures exposed to extreme conditions such as blast and fire. These structures and process units are part of industrial facilities, refineries, petrochemical complexes, offshore systems, and agricultural chemical and petrochemical storage tanks. For example, we have designed more than 100 blast-resistant building control rooms/operator shelters and supporting foundations for petrochemical and refining facilities throughout the world.

Our engineers and scientists use advanced numerical methods and risk modeling techniques to evaluate the complex conditions resulting from explosion, fire, smoke, and other hazardous conditions. We then simulate the behavior of structures and equipment during operations, accidents, and extreme events. We use these evaluations in the development of retrofits and strengthening schemes for existing facilities as well as the design of new structures.

Our design approach focuses on cost-effective mitigation measures that optimize structural response, minimize the volume of construction material, and minimize interference with existing operations. Our expert services assist clients in managing risks to safety, the environment, and ongoing operations during extreme events.

Construction management and construction quality assurance (CQA)

Geosyntec has more than 30 years of experience in managing and supporting large-scale construction for solid waste, environmental remediation, geotechnical, and civil infrastructure projects worldwide. Our capabilities range from full design-build services to specific CQA assignments that confirm and document compliance with project plans, objectives, and expectations. We plan, manage, control, monitor, and document construction activities to deliver safe, timely, and compliant project execution and lasting performance. Services include:

  • Construction management (CM) and construction oversight
  • Resident engineering
  • Construction quality assurance (CQA)
  • Construction quality control (CQC)

Geosyntec has a track record of saving clients time and money during construction. We promptly address field conditions and installation issues, providing practical solutions that reduce construction and safety risk and keep operations on track. With our experience and expertise, we offer value-added strategies and work closely with contractors and suppliers during implementation. Our project delivery approach integrates a thorough understanding of design, performance objectives, site conditions, compliance requirements, and contract documents to tightly manage construction quality, safety, schedule, and cost.

Remediation design

Geosyntec practitioners deliver cost-effective remediation solutions that meet business goals and reduce long-term liabilities of contaminated sites. We provide clients with practical remediation design strategies that optimize performance, cost, technology risk, and stakeholder acceptance. We have often modified the design strategies prepared by others to produce significant cost savings and improved remedies for our clients.

Geosyntec practitioners work closely with clients to fully understand their specific challenges and desired outcomes as we design and implement remediation solutions. We also guide projects successfully through complex and often cumbersome regulatory requirements and negotiations. Our established international reputation as an industry leader contributes to regulator confidence and acceptance of our design approaches.

We specialize in developing creative solutions for our clients’ most challenging sites. We apply technologies that minimize capital and operating costs, and meet remediation performance and compliance objectives. Geosyntec is often the first-to-field with innovative and effective remedial technologies that optimize cleanup of contaminated sites because we have been working with them in the developmental stages through our applied research programs. We continue to advance the state of the practice by pioneering new approaches and delivering design solutions for remediation of recalcitrant and emerging contaminants.

Remediation works and contracting

Geosyntec is a proven leader in the delivery of environmental remediation design and construction support services for complex project sites around the world. Our practitioners apply decades of scientific, engineering, and construction management experience and knowledge to implement safe and cost-effective remedial solutions that meet business goals and reduce long-term liabilities of contaminated sites. We are specialists in evaluating advanced remediation technologies and preparing cost-benefit analyses that include such technologies. We are highly experienced in developing and implementing procedures for handling impacted materials and minimizing risks for cross-contamination throughout the work.

Our project partners value our ability to guide them through the strategy and life cycle of major remediation projects while protecting site personnel and the communities in which we work. As owner’s representative or construction manager, we oversee contractor services, procure project resources, and assure quality and performance. Services include:

  • Bid document and contract document preparation
  • Bid review and contractor selection evaluation
  • Construction materials submittal review and approval
  • Work plan submittal review and approval
  • Coordination of requests for information
  • Coordination of design changes
  • Change Order review, negotiation, and preliminary approval
  • Procurement of client-purchased materials
  • Complete management and tracking of work progress, quality, schedule, and cost
  • Resident field oversight

Specialized in situ treatment

Geosyntec specializes in advanced in situ techniques to clean up difficult-to-treat contamination of soil, groundwater, and sediments. Our innovative technology applications target contaminants that are resistant to treatment or very costly to treat using conventional remediation technologies.

We are an industry leader in the in situ application of microbiology-based solutions to remediate recalcitrant chlorinated contaminants in soil and groundwater. We have applied naturally-occurring bioremediation cultures, including our proprietary KB-1™, to treat groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents at hundreds of sites worldwide with excellent results.

Other cutting edge solutions target specialized applications including in situ electrokinetic enhanced amendment delivery (microbial or chemical oxidation) in low permeability soils and in situ subsurface heating technology that quickly and effectively destroys non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) such as creosote, coal tars, and solvent/oil mixtures. Geosyntec’s in-house laboratories perform the physical and chemical testing necessary to monitor and support the treatment processes and systems. We continue to collaborate with top academic institutions around the world to develop innovative and practical in situ treatment technologies for effective remediation.

Facility decommissioning and demolition

Geosyntec’s proven approach to decommissioning and demolition (D&D) activities draws on our experience in conducting large-scale D&D for manufacturing and industrial facilities, oil refineries, power plants, and bulk petroleum storage and fueling terminals. Our D&D work is typically performed at facilities where decontamination is required to address hazardous materials and wastes resulting from historical operations. As a result, D&D planning, design, and implementation activities occur in conjunction with regulatory-driven or voluntary environmental restoration processes. As part of a facility demolition/asset recovery process, we evaluate opportunities for waste minimization, including beneficial reuse of impacted materials, and coordinate appropriate disposal of residuals.

Our experienced design and construction professionals maintain close control over field operations to identify and manage hazardous materials, decommission and dismantle facilities, and complete demolition safely and efficiently. We are focused on safety, with active processes that keep our field teams intensely aware of safety issues – for example, we worked more than two million hours to decommission and demolish a 14‑acre ore processing plant without a lost-time accident or environmental incident.

Process safety management (PSM)

“Safety First” practices are of primary concern to plant managers not only because of work force protection but also because these practices minimize down time and boost long-term productivity. Our PSM experts (available through Geosyntec’s subsidiary, MMI Engineering, a global consultancy specializing in the advanced analysis and mitigation of risks from environmental, natural, and industrial hazards) identify and evaluate conditions in processes, procedures, or equipment that could result in potentially catastrophic events, such as explosions, chemical releases, or injurious hardware failures. We systematically evaluate all facets of operations, including process design and operating procedures, infrastructure and equipment integrity, employee training, and emergency preparedness and response, with the goal of identifying and mitigating high risk conditions across the entire manufacturing, transportation, and inventory management process. Additionally, our PSM evaluations address risks associated with product safety, hazardous waste management, emissions, and energy supply.

Our staff may audit a single manufacturing plant or review operations at numerous facilities, providing clients with a company-wide view of potential PSM risk and recommended preventive measures. For example, we review supplier facilities for manufacturers to assess supply chain risk and vulnerability from catastrophic events – natural or man-made. Our PSM team has broad expertise to conduct detailed evaluations and develop practical recommendations for corrective actions and improvements. Our customized PSM solutions enhance productivity and operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of process-related safety incidents.

Environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) compliance support and management systems

Geosyntec provides a suite of environmental management services that help industrial, commercial, and government clients meet compliance and performance goals. Our EH&S professionals have diverse industry backgrounds and operations experience. Accordingly, we understand our clients’ needs and we generate specific, actionable recommendations for improved business practices. Our focus extends from individual operations to global company footprints. Services include:

  • Environmental management system (EMS) design and implementation
  • EH&S compliance support, permitting, plan development, and training
  • EH&S compliance audits, root cause analysis, and corrective action development
  • Regulation impact analysis

Geosyntec customizes EH&S compliance solutions to specific business goals – from development of tailored audit protocols and tools, to detailed compliance and management system audits and reviews, to establishment of complete compliance management systems. We pinpoint conditions requiring correction, identify root causes, and provide practical recommendations for long term corrective action. For example, we create protocols for compliance with workplace safety standards and develop systems for environmental reporting specific to a region or country. Geosyntec helps implement environmental, health, and safety performance improvements that reduce noncompliance, manage risk, and yield measurable business results.

Water management and wastewater treatment

We provide complete facility design services for municipal and industrial water supply including specialized process water requirements and wastewater treatment for stormwater, ballast water, and other intermittent flow sources. Geosyntec has extensive wastewater design, construction, and operations experience using physical/chemical and biological processes. Our process engineering services guide clients from conceptual design, in-plant water and waste stream management, and pretreatment alternatives development through detailed engineering design, construction, start-up, and operation. We also design and implement specialized groundwater and process water collection and treatment systems for environmental remediation programs.

Geosyntec practitioners use advanced modeling techniques to optimize existing treatment system performance. Based on our modeling expertise, we are often able to recommend modifications that increase throughput while maintaining treatment effectiveness. These solutions extend the operational life of process units, reduce life-cycle costs, and avoid costly capital investments. We also identify beneficial reuse options for industrial wastewater, and identify and eliminate processing bottlenecks.

Regardless of the water source, constituents of concern, or end use, Geosyntec provides high quality single-source engineering solutions to water management issues.

Industrial water use optimization

Although industry accounts for only 20 percent of the world’s water use, it is often perceived as having a huge impact on the water supply of surrounding communities, particularly in sensitive areas where water is already scarce. As resource costs and public scrutiny escalate, our clients are finding it more important to make sure that existing processes operate efficiently. Many companies have already begun to reap considerable benefits from a serious commitment to water use reduction and minimization in manufacturing operations.

Geosyntec provides comprehensive assessment of total water lifecycle and consumptive water use throughout a system or facility, and develops optimization strategies by using state-of-the art modeling tools, measurement techniques, and sustainability metrics. Examples of our process optimization services include:

  • Identifying beneficial reuse options for industrial wastewater and remediation treatment water
  • Performing water footprinting to identify opportunities for waste minimization, wastewater reduction, and cost savings
  • Integrating pollution prevention, water and waste management, and wastewater treatment optimization techniques that are directly applicable to manufacturing facilities
  • Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to increase throughput of existing wastewater treatment systems without compromising treatment effectiveness

Our industrial water optimization and management solutions improve overall water use efficiency – often allowing for significant, long-term savings in operational costs. They can also improve public image and stakeholder relations, and result in real reductions in impacts on the natural environment.