The electric power industry faces numerous challenges in the coming decade. Shifts in fuels, increasing pressures by the public and environmental advocacy groups, regulatory changes for air, water, and combustion byproducts, and high-profile events such as the tsunami that struck Fukushima, Japan, are reshaping plans and decisions for producing and delivering electricity.

Our expertise is widely recognized and sought by power producers and industry organizations. We have been called upon to participate in strategic responses to ash spills, create guidance documents, teach client in-house courses, and provide third-party oversight and design optimization/verification for projects ranging from geotechnical investigations for new 365kV lines, to power plant decommissioning, to dam/dike/pond integrity evaluations, to nuclear facility flood protection plans, to the closure and re-use of ash storage facilities. Our multidisciplinary capabilities lead to understanding of the water-air nexus in waste reduction, and interpretation of the combined impacts of the multiple regulatory changes underway and on the horizon such as effluent limitation guidelines (ELG), coal combustion residuals (CCR), and Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.


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