We recognize that the potential impacts associated with odor and other air quality issues can be challenging. Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance is critical to long term operations. It is vital to be a good neighbor to the public and other industrial sources.

Geosyntec’s team of engineers, scientists, and environmental professionals bring decades of odor and air quality experience and a proven track record in regulatory permitting. We possess the requisite experiential knowledge to solve complex odor and air quality problems and to navigate associated regulatory programs and local stakeholder engagement activities on behalf of our clients.

Our practitioners provide a broad set of services ranging from air permitting and compliance to air pollution control evaluations. Our projects routinely involve initial minor and major source air permitting, compliance auditing, enforcement negotiation, as well as air pollution control equipment optimization and emission measurement.

Some of Geosyntec’s Odor and Air Quality services include:

  • Air quality permitting
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Air dispersion modeling
  • Odor assessment and mitigation programs
  • Air pollutant control program development and implementation
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Climate change and greenhouse gas evaluations
  • Toxic air contaminant assessment and risk assessments
  • Litigation support for air and odor enforcement matters and public nuisance claims

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