Geosyntec is highly regarded for its innovative work in stormwater management, permitting, and monitoring. Our personnel bring a depth and breadth of expertise that has helped shape the state of the stormwater practice over the past 2 decades, based on our impressive resume of projects relating to stormwater management and regulatory advocacy for industrial and municipal clients. These projects range from highlevel planning work through Best Management Practice selection, implementation, and monitoring.

Our staff also bring a wide range experience to the preparation of industrial site compliance plans, including stormwater pollution prevention and spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans. This experience is based not only on our successful project work but also on the range of backgrounds and of prior employment experience of our staff. Having experience as regulator/reviewer (agency), user (industry), and preparer, our professionals understand what meets a regulator’s needs and what makes an effective plan for the end-user who is tasked with implementation.

The presentation and organization of large amounts of information is always important to our clients and even more so when conveying information on stormwater management and control to diverse stakeholder groups. We have a creative, analytical team that is skilled at collecting and communicating information clearly and in a form that can be readily integrated into an organization’s existing operating procedures. We do this by working closely with our client to understand their current procedures and the various audiences that will be using the plan information, while firmly grasping regulatory requirements. Our plans emphasize maps, figures, and tables which can be readily updated. Where appropriate, we integrate carefully developed forms and targeted guidance information to facilitate inspection, recordkeeping, and other day-to-day compliance activities.

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