The growing scarcity of high-quality water has led the food and beverage sector to make strong commitments to water conservation programs for their facilities. These commitments are increasingly driving changes to food production processes as their impact is incorporated into day to day facility operations.

Geosyntec can assess water conservation opportunities, develop innovative project strategies to incorporate water conservation into capital projects, and support the economic assessment of these goals on operations.

Assessing the water footprint at a facility is an important first step in uncovering opportunities for reducing water use, minimizing waste, and saving money. Existing facilities often have evolved over time to the point where no consistent and synthesized water usage map exists, and for those facilities in particular our team provides unmatched value by drawing on our experience and asking the right questions to gather a full inventory of water usage.

Industrial Water Footprint Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of the total water volume of water used at a production facility, which is often expressed as a volume required to manufacture a given quantity of product. We offer expertise in developing water footprint assessments that provide a comprehensive review of every water-consuming component at a facility.

Clients value our ability to provide:

  • Broad experience at a variety of food and beverage
  • facilities
  • Comprehensive methods for water footprint accounting
    in manufacturing facilities
  • Calculation of water footprints for individual processes
    and products
  • Ranking and evaluation of water uses based on costbenefit
  • Options for reducing the water footprint

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