Geosyntec has provided technical services to the mining industry for decades. We are familiar with the unique challenges faced by the extractive industry and understand the critical decisions associated with addressing environmental and engineering issues throughout a mine's life cycle stages.

Our Mining Services Team includes sustainability, geotechnical, water resource, and mining engineers and scientists, including geologists, biologists, geochemists, permitting specialists, hydrodynamic modelers, and more. We have the technical specialties required to meet your project needs each step of the way. We assist our mining clients to solve complex environmental and engineering challenges, that ultimately reduce life-cycle cost, improve environmental performance, reduce long-term environmental liability, simplify mine closure efforts, and maximize post-mine land use and conversion. We understand the complex market drivers associated with the mining industry, including market value, government regulations, the need for innovative technology advances, and the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and social Governance.

Key skills and capabilities that we have successfully implemented for our mining clients have been focused in these key practice areas: