Geosyntec is a preferred partner for innovative, cost-effective and successful remediation solutions because we approach each project with technical expertise and creativity. For every client, we develop a clear understanding of how to achieve best-value outcomes using the most appropriate technologies and management strategies for individual projects.

Our professionals set the standard for developing innovative science into novel solutions for environmental remediation. From advanced vapor intrusion evaluation strategies to sophisticated bioaugmentation techniques and beyond, Geosyntec delivers practical environmental management solutions that meet project-specific needs and achieve our clients' objectives.

Along with our expertise in treatability and pilot tests, Geosyntec practitioners are adept at conducting feasibility studies that develop, screen, and provide detailed evaluations of alternative remedial solutions for impacted sites. Our studies help clients determine the optimum performance they can expect from a remediation system and the expected cost of implementing a remedy.

We also provide detailed remediation system design and design/build services for a wide range of innovative and traditional remediation strategies, including those that employ groundwater pump and treat systems; bioremediation and bioaugmentation solutions; chemical oxidation; the injection of nanoscale zero-valent iron; soil vapor extraction; indoor air venting and treatment; and much more.