Geosyntec provides practical solutions and a clear vision for environmental remediation that exceed client expectations and help them earn regulatory approval of the solutions they deploy.

Dynamic environmental laws and standards and evolving remediation guidance demand proactive cleanup solutions and a clear strategy for addressing regulatory requirements in order for businesses to minimize environmental risk while maintaining economic benefit.

Environmental remediation projects are often complex and multi-faceted. This means reaching regulatory closure is not necessarily just about reducing contaminant concentrations below a defined threshold. A range of stakeholders usually need to be satisfied that efforts have been genuinely spent in an attempt to result in better outcomes. A successful remediation project often requires stakeholders agree and own some of the key performance indicators; understand key milestones and their implications; and gain insight on the uncertainties and contingencies to address these.

Geosyntec has acquired considerable experience in regulatory advocacy and stakeholder engagement in a range of jurisdictions across the globe. Our practitioners convey complex remediation strategies in a manner that these can gain support from a range of stakeholders.  We work closely with clients to develop risk-based closure strategy and criteria, advise on site closure and reuse options, and negotiate closure criteria with key regulators

Stakeholder comments are addressed to achieve consensus and approval from multiple regulatory agencies. Our environmental compliance services include helping clients obtain permits through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program and determining the regulatory compliance of a waste storage facility under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). For example, for a sediment remediation project Geosyntec worked hand-in-hand with our client, the EPA Great Lakes National Program Office, and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great lakes, and Energy on a cost share partnership throughout the investigation and remedial design process. Through this interaction we were able to identify and design a project that not only met federal and state requirements but could be implemented within the client’s available funding.

Geosyntec practitioners help negotiate cleanup goals with regulatory agencies during strategy development and, of course, steer clients through the implementation of long-term remediation plans with their goals as our foremost focus.

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