As the size and complexity of our clients' most challenging environmental and infrastructure projects have grown, so has Geosyntec's ability to deliver solutions through specialized process engineering services.

Our services include waste characterization and treatability studies, conceptual and detailed process designs, instrumentation and control designs, facility permitting, construction-phase services, system start-up services, operation and maintenance, system optimization, and data management and reporting. We also employ advanced simulation modeling tools to optimize existing infrastructure investments and to extend the operational life of process units with a high degree of effectiveness.

We have experience in the design of sustainable projects that allow our clients to benefit from long-term cost savings, as well as greater efficiency, new revenue from innovative solutions, improved public image and stakeholder relations, and real reductions in impacts on the natural environment.

Geosyntec provides a variety of specialized water and wastewater engineering services to our clients. Our primary services to wastewater treatment plant owners/operators include the design of advanced and secondary treatment plants, land and water body direct discharge systems, physical and biological nutrient removal systems, biosolids management facilities employing aerobic and anaerobic digestion, and beneficial reuse systems.

By using specialized tools such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling techniques, we have been able to recommend cost-effective modifications to existing infrastructure that have significantly increased hydraulic throughput without compromising treatment effectiveness. This allows our clients to avoid/delay costly capital investments to achieve the same results. Our wastewater clients include a wide range of industrial, commercial and government entities. As a result, we have a wealth of wastewater design, construction, and operation experience incorporating physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes.

Geosyntec is an established leader in the design and implementation of process systems. With our commitment to developing innovative solutions to our clients' complex challenges, we have made significant advancements in the application of innovative technologies with the implementation of successful full-scale treatment systems. With a keen interest in the understanding of complex systems, Geosyntec has been able to optimize existing treatment facilities to the benefit of our clients who would otherwise be susceptible to much more costly alternatives.

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